August 31, 2010

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You need
Eggplant and potatoes – 4 pcs.
onion – 1 pc.
sweet pepper – 1 pc.
beans – 1 / 2 cup
Tomatoes – 2 pcs.
vegetable oil – 4 tbsp. spoon
Garlic – 3 cloves
green basil, thyme, coriander and parsley – 1 / 2 cup
Black pepper – 1 pinch


Eggplant peeled and cut into slices, season with salt and leave for 10-15 minutes to remove bitterness, then overcome. The pods of beans washed, cleaned of lateral veins. Potatoes cut into cubes, onion half rings, sweet pepper – julienne, tomatoes, thinly.

Prepared vegetables to put in a pot in layers 1-2 cm, add oil. Repeat layers, interspersing their spicy herbs, pepper and salt, until all the vegetables do not have enough.

Simmer with a small amount of water until cooked at low heat with the lid closed.

For 5-7 minutes until cooked add the chopped garlic.

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August 29, 2010

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chicken – 500 g
Water – 6 cups
Carrots – 1 pc.
onion – 1 pc.
egg yolk – 1 pc.
lemon – 1 / 4 pcs.
parsley – 1 / 2 bunch

For the stuffing:
venison, beef or lamb (meat) – 150 g
onion – 1 pc.
melted butter – 1 tbsp. spoon
rice – 1 tbsp. spoon
green coriander – 1 bunch
Black pepper – 1 pinch

Treated chicken put in a pot, add water so that water covered the carcass, add onion, coarsely chopped carrots and cook, stirring occasionally removing the stock foam. Cooked chicken is removed from the broth, cut into pieces, drain broth.
For the minced venison twice mince, add the cooked rice until half, finely to cut and fried in oil, onion, crushed coriander, salt, pepper, mix thoroughly. Molded from minced small balls, which are then cooked in the broth boil. Rub the egg yolk, add lemon juice and mix well. The resulting flow into the soup and warm, stirring and boiling, otherwise the yolk will be curtailed.
When serving, sprinkle with chopped parsley soup and put an a la carte chicken pieces.

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August 17, 2010

AKANDZH (Ears)   
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You need

wheat flour – 2 cups
Egg yolks – 5 pcs.
brandy or vodka – 2 tablespoons. spoon
powdered sugar – 1 / 2 cup
vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. spoon
oil for frying
salt – 1 pinch


From the egg yolks, flour, salt with the addition of brandy or vodka make a dough. Cut the dough pieces weighing 4 g, roll them on the table, oiled, in the form of pellets of thickness 1,5-2 mm. Bread is an incision with a knife in 2-3 places and fry in fat.
Finished goods sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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August 3, 2010

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You need:

chicken (or turkey) – 1 pc. (1,5 – 2 kg)
rice – 1 / 2 cup
melted butter – 4 tbsp. spoon
peeled almonds or apricot kernel seeds – 1 / 2 cup
dried apricots – 1 / 4 cup
Dates – 6 pcs.
green basil – 1 / 2 bunch
cloves – 2 pcs.
ground cinnamon – 1 tsp


Boil rice in 2 cups of water until half, lightly fry on part of oil, salt. A well-washed fruits and nuts to fry separately in butter for 5 minutes.
Stir fried rice with dried fruit, add ground cinnamon and cloves. These pre-filled with minced meat gutted, washed and obsushennuyu chicken, sew it.
Stuffed chicken lightly fried on a greased pan until light browning, then lubricate with oil and place in the oven, pour 1 / 2 cup water and bake for 30-40 minutes at a moderate or weak heating until done, periodically pouring formed Socko.
When serving, arrange the chicken basil sprigs.

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June 10, 2010

Brinjal Bath   
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1 cup of basmathi rice
1,5 cups of coconut milk
2 basil leaf
2 cinnamon
4 cloves
2 petal anise
1 full garlic
1 tbsp coriander seeds
1 tsp aniseed
1 pinch turmeric powder
3 tbsp ghee

Grind coriander seeds and aniseed together. Dissolve this in half cup of water and keep about 10 minutes. Mix turmeric and keep aside.
Fry rice in 2 tbsp ghee and put aside.
In 3 tbsp ghee fry cinnamon cloves, brinji leaves, anise and the rice.
Add the peeled garlic and coconut milk.
Now drain the masal water along with the turmeric to equal 2 cups of liquid.
Add salt and cook in a pressure cooker for 6-8 minutes.

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June 4, 2010

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Lavash is a thin,flat bread of Armenian origin.
Traditional Lavash making in tonir.
Tonir is cylindrical hole on undergound Door of tonir
is on same level as floor.also it has simple ventilation
system for buring wood.when Burn is already sited (
no any tongues of flame).Its ready for making lavash.Dough
for lavash similar of dough of simple breed.
Sited on floor women is rolled out flat the dough and
slapped against the hot walls of a tonir.
when fresh lavash is just taking from tonir its
hot and flexible but its dries out quickly
and becomes hard and brittle.In this state you can keep
lavash many months and this is main reason,
why lavash will using in castle during long term ambush
in past ages.Before using usually lavash moistened
and it becomes again flexible.But you can use also
in hard state.

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May 26, 2010

Beef cooked with quinces   
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Beef cooked with quinces

750-800gr. beef, 100g. melted butter, 1 kg. quince, 1-2 onions, parsley and dill, 1 teaspoon black ground pepper, salt to taste.

Beef, cut in 3 pieces per serving, fry in a skillet with butter, add water to cover meat, and ran until half-done.
Add browned and chopped onion, salt, pepper, peeled and seeded, sliced quince and continue to stew until cooked. Serve up, putting quince on a plate and sprinkled with finely chopped greens.

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8 oz Cranberry jelly, canned
5 tb Flour
1/2 ts Baking powder
1/2 ts Sugar
5 tb Water
Vegetable oil
– for deep-frying
Flour — for dredging
Cranberry tartness suggests the original Chinese
ingredient, a firm, gelatinous jelly flavored with the
hawthorn berry (or ’shandza’, which in northern China
is pureed to make a delicious tart, thick, cooling
drink). Enclosed within a light, deep-fried batter,
the strips of jelly become hot and soft or, in the
case of cranberry, almost liquid. Buy the “jellied
cranberry sauce”, not the whole-berry type.
This recipe makes three to four small servings.
Cut the jelly crosswise into three round slices, 1/2
inch thick. Cut each slice into three strips,
approximately 1/2 x 1/2 x 2-1/2 inches.
Prepare a batter by blending the flour, baking powder,
sugar, and water.
Heat oil for deep-frying; after it is hot, keep the
heat around medium-high. Dredge the cranberry jelly
strips lightly in flour, making sure all sides,
including the ends, are dusted. Then dip them in the
batter to coat completely, and immerse them in the oil
until golden brown. Fry only a few at a time. Drain
on paper toweling, and eat while hot.

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1 kg chicken
1 kg coarsely ground soaked wheat.
5 liter water.
Put on low fire .and not mix. After stewed and boned chicken .Finally add salt and mix with wooden beam.

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* 3 c. milk
* 1/2 c. cornmeal
* 1/2 tsp. salt
* 3 eggs
* 1/4 c. light brown sugar
* 1/3 c. molasses
* 2 tbsp. butter
* 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
* 1/4 tsp. allspice
* 1/2 tsp. ginger
Lightly grease crockpot. Preheat on high for 20 minutes. Meanwhile
bring milk, cornmeal and salt to a boil. Boil, stirring constantly, for 5
minutes. Cover and simmer an additional 10 minutes. In a large bowl,
combine remaining ingredients. Gradually beat in hot cornmeal
mixture and whisk until smooth. Pour into crock and cook on high for 2
to 3 hours or low for 6 to 8 hours.

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